Stagecast Demo Night ✫ Jackie Tech + Phogg ✫

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Stagecast Demo Night ✫ Jackie Tech + Phogg ✫


Hey y’aaall, listen up! 

Join us on the 8th of December at Landet and be part of the first ever "Stagecast Demo Night”, where we invite you to two great live performances of the most promising upcoming artists of Stockholm!


All you gotta do is follow these FOUR easy steps:

1. Download the Stagecast App
2. Come to Landet at 20:00h
3. Have a beer (or five?) with us
4. Enjoy the live performances and watch Jackie Tech and the groovy band Phogg take off! 

You haven't heard of Stagecast? …yet! Let us explain what it’s all about. Stagecast is an interaction platform for live events. Basically, we are the newest update of your regular lighter that you hold up during that one special song - showing how much you care and playing an active role as a true fan. Yes, we know the blinking Coldplay wristbands - but can they send you personalised messages or pictures on those? We doubt it!
Stagecast let’s the artist do just that - and so much more! We’re more convenient, more personal and more fun.

That night, we’re going to try out Stagecast for the very first time! SO! Please make sure your phone is fully charged. Our special goodie: with Stagecast on your phone, you will enter the venue FOR FREE! 

More info about how to download coming soon!

Sounds good? Yes. YES! Looking forward to hosting you, guys!


Want to have a preview of the application? On our website you find a short product video:

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