Receptacles / Small Feet (solo) / Loxbo, Arrias & Korsell

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Receptacles / Small Feet (solo) / Loxbo, Arrias & Korsell

Joe Willamson / Anton Toorell / Dennis Egberth

Receptacles make music that disturbs easy categorization. While listeners may hear influences from no-wave, afro-beat, free jazz, funk or punk, Receptacles are not simply a mix of these styles. They have harnessed an essence of spontaneity and in doing so have created something unique and completely their own. 
Receptacles wilfully instigate and manipulate an elasticity of form, key, tempo and metre. The absurdist, spoken- word lyrics act as the lynchpin in the reckless, hectic, headlong, joyful collision of rhythms and riffs. An anarchistic relationship to group dynamics ensures a strong, original, unified sound, where the sum is more than the parts, and yet the parts are more than the sum.

"a near-perfect example of the “jazzed up punk shit” that Mark E. Smith once preached about but never quite produced."

Small Feet (solo) 
Simon Stålhammre - guitar & vocals

Though his virtual substitute teacher somehow provided him with the wherewithal to synthesise Salvador Dali landscapes, a linguist’s laughing diction, a note on free will, and various social jabs into his compositions, the spectres that haunted him ensured that the tapes he made of his songs were kept stored in a closet at his parents’ home. Blessed with twin talents from an early age, Stålhamre’s propensity for vanishing acts tended to overcome his flair for songwriting: whatever wonders he’d conjured up in his isolation seemed destined to remain hidden.

Without pretension, Stålhamre covers huge swaths of emotional and intellectual ground as casually as if he were strolling out for a smoke, journeying through a shapeshifting landscape of dreams towards what another Scandinavian, Prince Hamlet, called “the undiscovered country”.


Finn Loxbo, Johan Arrias & Niklas Korsell

Kantig improvisationsmusik med elgitarr, saxofon och trummor.


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